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Thursday, May 12

Advice from your Technical Guy...

Hey Die Emmers.

Props to all the young players who managed to get a post out there.

Now to complicate things: The rest of you sucka fools need to create your own Identity and password.

Look in the sidebar to see who is a clever boy or girl already.

1) You need to go to, and log on as The Jammin. Mail me or Ben if you dont have the password.

2) Click on Die Emmers-Settings-Members-Add Team Member

Fill in your own email adress and mail yourself an invite.

Simple as that... Once yo uget the mail just follow the instructions.

OK, now Im not trying to make a sexist statement here, but so far only one girl has manged to pull this bit off superhuman computer wizadry off...And us boys can pee standing up.

Come on grlzzz. Pull those socks up.

In other news:

To get into the Semi finals and be the only SA team representin', The Bulls need to beat that once famous team in black who these days prance around like a bunch castrated showponies. Sad really.

So on that note:

GO BULLE !!! Ons bloed is blou !

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Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

I cannot believe that we are going to be suporting the bulls, this is a new low

5:26 PM


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