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Wednesday, May 25

No Idea!!

morning peeps...

Happy wednesday to you all. Firstly welcome back's been too long without you!! Secondly, welcome back lindors, we get very wary of sending out buckateers to the big ashtray cos sometimes...actually not all that uncommon...that they decide to move there officially and we never get to see them lurking the streets of cape town no names mentioned...ahem!! Anyways to change the subject I do seriously recommend u all go see the new star wars...yes it does make the other 2 seem rather unneccessary, however if any of you are trilogy bears a lot more relevance as to how the whole of star wars came about. Its entertaining, it finally features darth vader (who i might add was quite a hotty before all fell apart after visiting the dark side), and most importantly star wars is and will always be the ultimate paradigm of good versus u really can't go wrong!! anyways enough now...i sound like a freak, i'll let u all make yer minds up for yourselves!!

On another note...hope we all get to partake in celebrating one of the greatest sporting events this evening...the UEFA champions league final between AC Milan and Liverpool. It's gonna be a goodie...ben don't worry I won't fill everyone in on the stats of the game tom morning, I will leave that up to our sporting buckateer rep, Jared. Anyways hope to c u all there...

oh and just before I sign off....a quick reminder that Steph's exhibition is indeed this friday evening...ben u can get out yer hat now!!

hope wednesday speeds by u today...and AC Milan kicks Liverpool's ass big time!!

laters skaters


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