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Tuesday, May 24

Sarchasm, the REAL force and unusual cards and beard wars III

For some Tuesday insight....

The force is a tool of Satan!!!

Sarcasm sensor in the brain discovered.

Unusual greeting cards

And for those feeling the bite of the beard wars...

Because there comes a time in everyone’s life when they think ‘Hmm. Beards. Eh?’
Some people, of course, just think ‘Hmm. Beards. Great new taxing opportunity. Eh?’ As Peter The Great did, from 1705, when those not following the compulsory shaving laws – possibly because of the Russian chill being too much for a cold chin to bare – were fined according to rank...)

Just so that Mr. J does'nt feel alone, here are some bearded hotties to keep him company



Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

Brilliant Tom, i was waiting for when the Devil will be attached to ol' Darth

10:48 AM


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