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Monday, May 16

something to keep u going

Hi party peeps...

welcome to yet another week of work! well as you all know, I'm supposed to be posting some rather interesting photos to illustrate and highlight the exciting mad activities that took place this last weekend!! However I somehow seem to have NOT mastered the art of bluetooth as I so thought previously, and am waiting on a young 16 yr old to show a girl how it's done!! which means...u'll only get to see all the good stuff later!!

So I apologise for the wait...believe me it's worth it!! And so I'll leave u with a lil copy of a certain event I expect u all(well all in slaapstad) to attend in full force. U've probably seen it already but big up to lil veldie who will showing off her fabulous photographic talent sooner than u think.

Catch y'all later...i promise

...kay so having a lil difficulty with this pic...will be there soon


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