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Tuesday, May 17

A tale of 2 hair colours...

just to let u all know....the transition begins tonite!! I'm gonna try document the whole process and keep u all in the mix...unless of course i end up looking like a total freak, in which case I'll be putting up pics of some famous celeb godess and pretend it's me. So from friday onwards, I won't be able to look and laugh at blonde jokes as I have done in the last couple months...oh and will have to deal with people not taking me seriously again...oh and will have to deal with the fact that yes bugs do prefer blonde hair to fly into!!

So adios brunette version of me...c all u peeps when I'm blonde...any objections?? make them now cos it's all happening!! eek so nervous.

laters skaters...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite blonde joke:

A man asked God why he made blondes so beautiful?
God answered, "So you would love them".
"But God, why did you mean them so dumb?"
God replied, "So they would love you."

3:43 PM


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