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Wednesday, May 18

Weird 'n wonderful things 'n all 'n all

Morning morning fellow buckateer peeps...

Firstly my essmeralda, when u finally do log on to the Die Emmers superfabulous blog, you will realise that we miss u madly, but know u're having such a wonderful time!! Hope u kickass on that Inca trail and just can never have too many scarves!

As for the rest of u folks...any moment of spare time/boredom check out these 2 websites! The first one is which allows you to wash yer hands of all yer sins...i'm not kidding either, the catholics would have a ball with this one. And the other is where u can command a human chicken to do ANYTHING you like. For all those demanding and commanding peeps out there, this is the site for u. They're hysterical so try check them out. Sound is a definite advantage for the second one.

Anyways hope u're all well and living up life in the fast lane...or atleast just having fun!

Hopefully c ya'all this weekend or next week some time...Ker we'll def do a bit of reflex hey? Ben just so u know, Steph's thing is next weekend, not this friday!!

later my buckets...


Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

Bugger, that was almost embarrasing

9:43 AM

Blogger sera said...

don't worry...u coulda just hung out with the kiddies like some steamy man...wear yer hat from sat nite and with yer beard, they'd def arrest u...

9:55 AM


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