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Friday, May 13

Well - I'm finally here... thanks in no small part to Mr J!
News re Esmerelda - she has just spent a few days in Bolivia on the salt pans and is crossing over into Peru either today or tomorrow. (What is my prize Ben?)
We in Joburg (i.e. me and me alone seeing as though old Pongaz seems to have disappeared...) are very happy to be hosting a DM-er for the night - will be showing Mrs Bennett around town which promises to be fun! Anyone else interested - I live relatively close to the airport so just ring me once you have landed.
Otherwise, have a good weekend...


Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

I here the Arrabokkie is satying at the Hilton, Larney. Thats what i need from my laywer, do it in style

1:42 PM


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