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Thursday, June 2

Bottoms Up

Morning peeps...

Looks like u dudes have been busy blogging without me...nice work!! I really like that car...if u start saving now, I'd like it for a christmas present in like 2050!! just so u know!! Well guys I'm sitting at my desk supposed to be working but my files corrupt, so just thought I'd mosey on down to a good ol' place I like to call Die Emmers. Hey for all of u who haven't visited "Rox in the City" site, there's a nice lil pic of slmmin jammin and mr J that's worth checking out...specially if u happen to suffer any withdrawals of them clean and...well...unshaven!

Anyways just to let u all know I miss the blog and all the e-mails at work...specially all u foreign, i really miss msning u...we'll have to catch up big time when I'm back online. Oh and spoonk, I wanted to say how nice it was to see u last time will be in Joburg, rather soon actually...I'll be in touch shortly to organise to hook up...hope the shop is going well, can't wait to check it out!

To all u Cape Towners...I'll be checking u all this eve...looking forward to a major bender, it's been a long week my friends!! That bar is going to hurt...actually I'll probably be the only one suffering!! But nevertheless, there aint a friday night going down yet without a major kickass party!

I wish u all a fabulously fast and furious friday...and of course a well deserved break over the naweek...except for u brettles, I wish u all the energy of that fabulous audi supercar...

cheers, skøl, charnawalye (sic), nastarovya, bottoms up....etc etc

till later...sé

and one tequeezer AT LEAST folks!!


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