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Monday, June 6

n00b to 1337?

Did you understand the title of this article? If not, you're obviously don't spend enough time hooked on line to know that this is "leet speak". As defined on the organic-and-ever-up-to-date encyclopedia-reference wikipedia, leet speak is:

Leet (meaning 'elite', most commonly represented as 1337) is an online culture or attitude sometimes identified by frequent use of leetspeak (l33t5p34k, l337 sp33k, 133t, or l33t).

So basically you substitute letters with numbers, so that a select few understand what you're saying... some common leet words are:

n00b, from newbie, often specifically meant in a derogatory fashion.

hax0r, h4x0r, h4xx0r, "hacker". It is possible that the substitution of "ck" with "x" is a linguistic nod to the Greek letter chi (see TeX for the original example of this). Also, haxor is sometimes found as "haxxor", as symbols for "x" are often doubled.

b4k4, from the Japanese word "baka", meaning "idiots" or "stupidity". Example: "U b4k4 n00b.

So now you n00b got the skillz and the warez, don't be script kiddies, be a real h4xxor slash p0rn starz and do it for di3 3mm3rz!!


Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

j4mm1n l1k3s l337, j00 m4 s3 p03s, j0x3s

9:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

h3y j4mm1n,

niz3 1 d00d!

t?m w4z h3r3!

11:19 AM


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