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Wednesday, June 22

Olympics island style

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Afternoon.. i know the weekend is history as we're apon the next one. Just have to fill you in om my olympic triathlon. We went to one of the small island just off Guernsey, This island is so quaint, there are no cars only bicycle, tractors and horse & carriage. So we hired bikes and set of on our adventure of exploring the island! We stumbled apon this gorgeous hotel where we settled down and had a delicious lunch 2-3 bottles of vino (as you do) After which all i wanted to do was pull up a piece of grass and have a nap but nooooo we had to keep exploring... and for those of you who have never done it - cycling boozed is overrated and blimmin hard work.. needless to say i lost my wallet / phone etc due to me flying (on the downhills) so had to the back peddle to find it... fortunately a kind man had picked it up and returned it. Was shattered by the time we got home but a brilliant day... think that i should def qualify for the Olympics even if i participated remotely....its almost as hard as the 10m hand stand dash....! xR


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