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Tuesday, June 14

ooh to be a princess....

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Well....kerry and damon return and now I'm off...nice timing peeps!! yes indeed I have managed to salvage a couple seconds at work and sneak on to the "communal" pc to do a bit of webblogging!! Gotta remember to delete my web history. So anyways folks I'm off to the land of the "dictator of the month" where BMW X5's raom freely on the one side and the people are in "state emergency hunger" on the other...a lil place I like to call "home"...Swaziland...where the grass is always greener....!! So anyways I'm off this eve and back on monday morning so try not to miss me too much this weekend! I'll be enjoying the wonderful luxury of the mocambiquan coastline over a couple bottles of portuguese wine and as many big fat LM prawns as possible on I'll be thinking of u all....yes it is possible, maputo for lunch!! So so excited!!

And of course I'll be wining and dining with our most "incognito" die emmer of them all...Pongaz...this eve....jip jps even u made it to being on the contributing list. I'll be sure to tell him u all say hi and will inform him that a lil thing we like to call "die emmer" does in fact exist and can actually be used to keep in touch with those not in the same city as you...well even if u are in the same city!! I'm also gonna get to go check out spoonk's new shop...will definitely give u all a rundown when I return.

So anyways provided we actually have electricity in swazi...u never bloody well know...I'll be able to check up with u peeps from there...and will definitely be sending u a swazi post!!

So I wish u all happy weeks...yes indeed u do have thursday off...well go out party hard and celebrate yer youth...yes jammin, u are a youth still even thought u're in denial...u too ker...make me proud peeps!!!

till later...happy posting!!

ps...ben will be putting up a pic of my new husband-to-be...I know I'll only be no 13 but don't be surprised if next week I'm driving a BMW X5 clad in Georgio Armani!! ha ha!!....other some some phat plants...this is all I could think of to bid u a swazi adieu!!


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