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Wednesday, June 15

Rock Paper Scissors FAQ's

Some of you might have seen that one of the FWO event called Ching Chong Chi (actuall Ching Chong Chow, see below), or otherwise more commonly known as Rock Paper Scissors, or RPS.

In this blog article I wish to detail some popular (i.e. maybe not factual) insight into RPS:

1) What is Rock, Paper Scissors?

RPS is the world's most popular method decision-making process.

2) Who invented RPS?

This is a very difficult question. Every culture seems to lay claim in one way or another to having first invented RPS. We know that Scissors were invented 500 years ago in Italy, but some say that the throw evolved from "blade" which would pre-date scissors by a significant margin.

3) This game goes by so many different names which one should I call it?

Officially, it is known as Rock Paper Scissors or its short form RPS. Casually, it is also known in parts of the world as Jenken, Jan Ken Pon, Roshambo, Shnik Shnak Shnuk, Ching Chong Chow, Farggling, Scissors Paper Stone, Scissors Rock Paper, among many others.

4) Why does paper cover rock?

While not exactly intuitive, the sympolic meaning of paper covering a rock dates back to ancient Chinese culture. When a petition was made to the Emperor, the petition was signified by a rock.Upon making a decision the Emperor would have his servants place a sheaf of paper either over or under the rock. If the sheaf was placed under the rock it would signify acceptance of the petition. If the sheaf was placed on top of the rock it signified denial of the petition. Over time the symbolic image of paper covering a rock became synonomous with defeat.

5) Is it true that Martial Arts is a derivative of RPS?

RPS was played in the Orient and it is known fact that Martial Arts developed as players upset at the outcomes of certain RPS matches, chose violet action with their fists. That is why many refer to RPS as the Father of all Martial Arts.

(Reference: RPS World)


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