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Friday, July 1

What is a "foo fighter"?

December 22, 1944: The pilot of the Allied plane was nervous. He was at 10,000 feet, over enemy territory. Somewhere hidden in the black sky there was sure to be German fighter aircraft. He scanned the darkness looking for trouble. Suddenly he saw two large, orange glowing balls approaching him. His radio operator saw them too. They didn't look like enemy fighters, but neither did they look like anything he'd ever seen.

The balls suddenly leveled off and started following the plane. The pilot decided to try and lose them with evasive maneuvers. He put his plane into a steep dive. The objects immediately followed. Next he tried a sharply banked turn. The objects stayed with him. For several more minutes the pilot used his best tricks to lose his pursuers and failed. When he was about to give up suddenly the objects were gone, disappearing suddenly into the night. During he whole incident not a shot was fired.

The above is a typical example of an encounter with a "foo fighter." Toward the end of World War II pilots began reporting seeing strange glowing balls flying around their aircraft at night. The objects seemed to maneuver with great speed and the Allies began to worry that the German's had developed a new weapon with startling capabilities.

The objects were dubbed "foo fighters" because of a popular comic strip at the time, Smoky Stover. Smoky was fond of saying "Where there's foo there's fire" and the objects seem to be fiery, rounded shapes.


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