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Tuesday, November 29

knyp knyp my storie is uit

ok - as you can see this poll has left me with many sleepless nights - i'll be honest i was going to give it a couple of weeks to see how i was doing with the general public - vanity is the tool of the devil!! its the root of all women!!!
i was so affected i only forgot to shave my mustache region and ended up looking like a dirty pirate hooker.
so here is my post - i could not hold out for another day - i was going to go to the gym to sculpt my massive guns (i can do over a thousand curls)... i know it boring...but its my life.
the stevo want in - you here - in in in!
please all - expect the posts to fly in like wild turky
and remember that here in taiwan the language barrier is a hell of a thing... i generally dont understand you crazy mo fo's
also i dont know if you fellows have heard citizen cope - but i recommend you give him a listen - i have only heard three of his songs but they are pretty wicked -
ok seriously dont boot me - i will be hurt - i mean that - stuck inside a glass cage of emotion!
i love you guys
and thank you all for attending this mandatory drug awareness program!


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