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Tuesday, November 22

Vintage........I think YES

It’s not everyday that something amazing happens that completely takes the mundane routine out of your average working day, to a point where you think to your self now either this it truly amazing or this chap is taking me for one hell of a ride.
I was just pondering that very emotion when the friendly furniture dealer faxed through a Certificate of Authenticity.
And I realized it truly is the real thing…..but could it be?
That over here on the Muddy island when they refer to something as an Antique they are not playing around!!

Certificate of Authenticity

The ‘Thames Wood’ Oak supplied to Titchmarsh & Goodwin for the ‘Laetitia’ table Project has been reclaimed from actual sections of the first Roman port facility built in London in 63AD

The ‘Thames Wood’ Oak was discovered during excavations by the Museum of London’s Archaeological Service on Site just North of London Bridge.

Dr.Martin Bridge from University College London was commissioned to verify and date the wood. Using the extremely accurate method of dendrochronology, which is used to calibrate carbon dating, this wood is certified to have started growing in BC186 and felled by the Romans in 63AD.
Now you might not be interested in Antique Furniture or even get really excited about board room tables…but being a distinguished dieemmers reader it means you have taste and a certain amount of appreciation for the finer things in life.

So surely you can appreciate the notion of sitting at a table that in essence started growing 186 years before Christ as being quite something.


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