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Wednesday, January 11

Back to the grindstone...

Morning kidz.

Well, Im back at the office. Its a scorcher today.The Londoners have left. And I have no money. Enough said. But at least the Vaalies have cleard out.....

On a happier note, big up to all our overseas contributors, it was good to see y'all.

I feel it is my duty to inform fellow Die Emmers about any useful information I might stumble across; here is some of the abovementioned:

Subarshi Sushi Bar: (Ex Waca Matta in town)

Awesome sushi, interesting decor, and genuine Jap waiters. You'll love it. Tell the manager you are a regular Die Emmers reader and youll get 50% off anything on the Sushi Menu till the end off January. No really.Try me on this one. If you arent a regular Die Emmer just tell him you've been to the Jam Jar. If you haven't been to the Jam Jar: Shame on you.

Other intersting news: We have a killer housewarming lined up for the end of the month. Watch this space...... Be good little ones.....


Mr J


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