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Monday, January 16


On this great day, being the 17th of January, a great man was born. Yes indeed, on this day in 1929, Popeye the sailor cracked open his first tin of spinach. But popeye wasn't the only cracker to be born on this day, so was a young fella, once upon a time, in a place not too far away known as Zimbabwe*.

I would like to wish our good friend Pongaz a very happy 29th birthday. You might remember him, all you original DM'ers, as the man who originally started the concept of the “Daily Message”. Yes back then way long ago, before the knowledge of blogs and tag boards, a young friend of ours coined the phrase “quote of the day”…well actually he just used it so often I think I can say that. Every morning he'd get up early all excited because he knew as he'd get to work he could surf the net for por….ahem…a quote for the day with a bright sunshiney message to attach. Something deap and meaningful along the lines of “Just Enjoy, Bobby” or “Whats happening Sh'amaz(sic)”. Needless to say this continued until such time as he suddenly realised he wasn't putting enough time into the stocks and bonds and the job of choosing quotes for the day was put aside.

For those of you who don't know this high-flying, jetsetting, oozing schmoozing, darling of a friend from Jozi, you may find this qualified lawyer/investment banker/BSD at any of the top hip, hop & happening clubs in Joburg or on the feature pages of the latest Marie Claire Sexy Bachelor Issue. He loves to ride bikes (and fall off every now and again), sweet talk the ladies, fly down to Cape Town for a weekend wedding, and attend very brief breakfasts at Arnold's while he breakfast runs back to Joburg after a night on the Cape Town.

Pongaz my darling, if u actually happen to wipe the dust off your “Die Emmer Favourites” button and enter this somewhat unknown territory, I hope that you will one day return…and maybe even make it to the contributors list. We all wish you the happiest day, may the stocks rise (or fall…whatever works to your advantage, sorry), may the moët flow, and may you wake up with a hot blonde (preferably female) and no hangover!

All the best honey, Just Enjoy!

Lots of love, Die Emmers

*(all u foreign people reading this u might wanna look that one up…I'd google Mugabe)

ps…ben will be posting a picture of this sexy birthday man soon…I can't seem to, sorry!!


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