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Tuesday, May 30

finally start deleting some pics on my phone...

So yes, i was looking through some old photos.. doing the old toss up between good photos and the downright super crap ones that were taken in a drunken stumble (sometimes i wasnt even aware, as my phone has one of those slide open cameras) (although it made for some interesting viewin the next day! "was i there?" "no i couldnt have been!" "but i was!" "ohmygod who took these sick p.. nevermind")

Anyhoo.. i came across an old photo. its nothing special.. in fact it is one of those i should delete.. but i am goin to post it.. for the sake of rock n roll... for the sake of margaritas.. for the sake of being cool...

And ask.. in a very nice way of course!
when the fuck are we all goin to get hopelessly wasted again and wake up to rugby, bloody marys and some weird cocktails mix... ?


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