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Friday, June 23

A Day at the Races - Royal Ascot - Not that kinda party

And on the Front page of today's Daily Mail Newspaper .............

"With the champagne flowing and hearts beating fast, Royal Ascot can be a test of endurance for the spectator as well as the horse."

You know the feeling, we've all been there. The feeling of waking the next morning thinking I feel ill and I certainly have a bit of Losers Complex but hey..It’s just that LC. Look there are blank spots in my memory from the day before but how bad can it be. Maybe I just said a few inappropriate things but they'll get over it.
Casually get out of bed on your way to work pick up the paper, you know your normal morning routine. Then there it is ...the Blank spot in your memory has been filled. All and all not a happy place.
"Nou hy't kak pelle"


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