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Thursday, June 22

Die Small People Freak me out

Check out this newspaper clip. Circus dwarf gets eaten by Hippo.

Oh my Hat.

My mother always used to warn me not to bounce sideways off trampolines. If I ever became a dwarf. And there was a Hippo named Hilda nearby.

Oh, and one more thing, last time I checked the old gag reflex makes Hilda's not swallow. Maybe what I need is some dwarf flavoured lotion.

Ok Ive gone to far. I take that back. Here is something to make up for it:

A dwarf walks into a bar and he falls over a piece of shit on the floor, he walks off thinking nothing of it. A few minutes later a huge man walks in and steps in same piece of shit. The little dwarf shouts out "I just did that!"

So the big man kills him.


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