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Monday, June 5

My job here is done.......

You know how you travel the world with the mind set of finding the best ever so and so… know the best boerie roll, the best sole, the best tuna melt if that’s your poison…..well I can officially end the search for the best cosmopolitan. Yes people the search is off, done and dusted.

I found it at the George V in Paris and it was just perfect. It was served in a stemless Martini Glass ( by the by Jammin – any self respecting martini drinker should own a set of these) on ice with the mini shaker on the side. Each time you finished your cosmopolitan a handsome waiter would arrive and refill from the mini shaker followed by the signature process of lighting a Cointrue soaked orange peel just adding the little hint of smoky flavour…..aaaah now that’s what I’m talking about.

So the search is over people now for the next !!!!


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