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Wednesday, July 12

Die Life Changing Experience

Today may very well be the most significant day of my life...

Ive just finished designing an egg packing machine, and 2 pallets of egss arrived this morning for testing. So Im sitting in my office thinking how great it would be if there was a way I could make myself an egg breakfast. So I dumped 2 eggs in a coffee cup and zapped in the micowave them to see what would happen.


I couldnt believe it. Perfect fluffy scrambled eggs in 45 seconds flat. My toast wasnt even halfway done. (Granted it looks a bit funny until youve mashed it around, but still, not pots to clean, and you can have it at work.)

Microwave Eggs on Rhye:

Great for Kara, great for Ess, Great for the world.

If you knew this already then:

1. Please keep it to yourself, I dont need anyone spoiling my moment. This is right up there with the time I discovered you could use a ring pull from the old coke can instead of a coin in a pool table.

2. Why the f*ck did no one tell me this years ago?


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