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Friday, August 4

Die most precious gift...

Happy Happy news people !

It is my distinct pleasure to be the one to break it to you.... Our favourite married couple, Damon and K-Mac, are pregnant with young Ouboet Macdonald (its along story, but lets suffice it to say that Obud was the name of the Island in Bali where the Mac D's spent the first night of "Operation Baby-Mac", and "Carpark Macdonald" just didnt sound right. (I hear you Ess, have some bloody respect.)

Positively Glowing...

Massive Die Emmers Congratulations and much love to both of you, We actually cant wait.

This just in: With the relentless progression of technolgy, it is now possible for scientists to accurately predict what a specific couples offspring will look like. So without futher adue, I present to you, Ouboet Macdonald, age 1.

I know Ess I know. I just couldnt resist.


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