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Tuesday, May 3

Welcome you beautiful people

What a frigging mad long weekend, let me rephrase: what a friggin mad Cheese festival. Or should we call: it hail to the Gorgonzola cult meeting. Everybody was well behaved, except I am struggling to find out who drove over that dead dog. please send a brother some photies

And now for a word from our South American Correspondent:

"the french girls burst our bubble and said that chile would be freezing."

Well done Essie, it looks like you are taking your adventure seeking seroisly, Thats what i like to see in my reporters.

then your Daily Message:
"War is not nice."
Barbara Bush (1925 - )

Well people you must let me know what you think about this new concept, click on the comment button below for some banter. this will save your inbox. And soon i will set all of you up so you can put your pictures and stories up, be patient.


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