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Tuesday, May 23


The new Oliver Stone movie World Trade Centre seems to be a potential airplane-load of controvecy. I went to check the trailer and got side tracked by some interesting comments:

UNBELIEVABLE! Simply Unbelievable! Could a fillm be any more offensive? I'm completely disgusted as both a filmmaker and as an American. Honestly. I can now say that I truely have no repect for Oliver Stone. Disgusting.

And then

Go fuck yourself. You whining little piece of shit. It's okay for Hollywood to make movies about cowboys slaughtering Indians, Hitler gassing Jews and omfg any flick with Arabs being served up a nice can of whoop ass but when they want to portray two Americans stuck under the rumble with nothing but hope from this countries worst terrorist attack and that disgust you?
And some more

Dude, it is in HONOR of these men, if you think this as a way to offend or hurt any ones feelings then get a life bro. Myself as a filmaker respect it as a film and a message. And you honesty need to find some wehre else to spread your bad mood you fucking queer. If i see any of your lame as videos on here ill be sure to give in MY two cents BITCH!

Best you go check it for yourself


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