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Wednesday, June 28

Die Best song on my radio

Its that time of the year again, yes, I can see you sitting upright. Its the time when we say:" I cannot believe you do not have this album" I am actually far behind with this one, everybody knows about it, it even gor featured in the friggin Sundat Times magazine (I mean really, can we even call that a magazine), so if it filtered through everything down to ground level, then everyone should have it all ready. Now here comes the interesting part, If you now find youself never to have heard of these fellas, then all i can say with a big fat L on my forehead is: "looooeeeeoooosssser", but I'm not that kind of guy. Also, who says loser these days. Not the cool kids in the yard, and their life is better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours.

where was I, yes, Ladies and Gents... the Raconteurs
Wow, when is the last time rock gave you a woody (no JP, not The Rock). The album is called Broken Boy Soldiers

You want to know more (here is the copy and paste section):

"Smothered by the indulgence of his rock star ranking, Jack White steps into the eccentricities of the supergroup, and at first glance, this seems to be a band where White's imposing presence could overshadow the rest. Not the case with these Raconteurs. Teaming with fellow Detroit songwriter Brendan Benson and Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, the rhythm section from Cincinnati band the Greenhornes, White exhales a bit, deferring enough to his mates to make Broken Boy Soldiers play like a team effort. Following the Benson blueprint, "Steady as She Goes," which opens as a slice of 1960's radio pop,....more "

go get it Now


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