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Monday, May 9

Summer has dug in another heel

Morning you special people
I have to apologize profusely for the lack of input but I have been about, but this week things are definatelty going to retutrn to normal.
Firstly some important DM business:]
A) - Some of you might have forgotten about a little beard growing bet that we made on that Public holiday. A little reminder: You have till the first weekend in June to grow a beard (the beard may be trimmed and tailored). The first weekend in June you will shave off your beard bar your Moustache, which will remain on for the duration off our Bellville strip hitting celebratory racous rummble in the boereword curtain Jungle. Failure to do so will result in you buying drinks for everyone else. Contestants include:
1) Jared Els
2)Le Ben J' Min
3) Captain Brett Haddock
4) Oil spill Dill
5)Levi mike

Photies will def be supplied.

Big up for the junoir Veldties for a superb mexican evening. When I come to visit next i will bring my own chair. That house (or my booty) is cursed.

"There are two types of losers: bad losers and good actors"

Be good my you freedom fighters



Blogger sera said...

Ben.....did u break ANOTHER chair at the veldies....?? c'mon peeps what else skandaal of the mexican eve??

1:56 PM


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