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Wednesday, May 18


It can get very embarrasing when you lose your reporters, especially when they are in the 3rd world reporting excusively for your publication. Lucky for us thats not the case here, we KNOW where our South American reporters are. They are right here: Posted by Hello

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"we were exhausted when we got here, and had to find a hotel to stay in. we looked at 7, yes 7 before we found an ok-ish one. (and we are seriously NOT being fussy) they charge $40.00 for a double room that is really awful. we eventually booked into one with ¨a real inca wall in it¨ only problem was that it was pitch black during the day, due to no windows. we decided to move the next day, and finally settled for a cheap crap one, as figured we may as well save money. good, hey?"

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.
Clifton Fadiman (1904 - )

Go Esmarelda, not letting a cheap hotel get in the way of a good story. Keep sending us info, keep titilateing us with lake Titicaca.
Thank you also to Santha (aka Spook) for winning the challenge. Next time I see you Tequilas on me.

Speaking of Veldties, I am terribly exited for the photo exibition on Friday. I might even wear a hat.

(intransitive verb, transitive verb, noun)[KAV·ahl]
intransitive verb
1. to raise trivial objections
transitive verb
2. to quibble about: "Rosemary would cavil any prospective young player without a BMW in the driveway."
3. an evasion of the point of an argument by raising irrelevant distinctions or objections
additional noun form: caviler

Be good my Emmers
(ps: lindors, we have yet to see proof of your beard)


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