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Thursday, July 7


Your fearless reporter did it again, he ignored all the possible risks to his own life and he crawled into the belly of the beast. Yes, you've got it right, the 2nd ever:
Interview with a Lesbian
During the first one I was too drunk to remember anything.

Everything that i say here may be under correction cause once again there was some red wine involved.
So there were 4 and half lesbians and even though they did not agree, they where kinda on the same level about the following points:

  1. There are no Male and Female roles in the lesbian relationships. The reason why you see a butchish he-lady and a brazillian supermodel together is because lesbian apparently look deeper than the superficial to find their personality.
  2. The short hair is only a coincidence, if you meet a lesbian with long hair that means she is a new lesbian, she has yet to realise that the hair gets in the way.
  3. The majority of lebians are bi-sexual. They can dig guys and they probally will go that way, but they are yet to find one that is better than their last lady friend.
  4. Whats the difference between a lesbian and a killer whale? about 5 kg's and a checkered shirt. ha ha. Sorry i had to sneak it in my one and its my only lesbian joke.
  5. The really butch lesbionic "dykes" are sooo not cool. They give rest rest a bad name.
  6. And its about here where everything goes fuzzy, i'm sure i've left out something important, but that will have to wait till round 3.


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