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Thursday, October 20

Straight to the pool room

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If you buy (or illegally download) one CD this month, make sure its the new White Stripes; Get behind me Satan. ( is that a rather disconcerting title, or is it just me). It really rocks like the rock rocking on a rocking chair made outa rock, but dont listen to me, listen to these guys:

"Their fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan is the strangest and least focused effort by these unlikely garage rock superstars to date. It's also their finest"

"While other bands try to replicate the magic of their freshman debut, The White Stripes are busy honing their skill, creating music that has soul, feeling, and ideas"

"The album rolls along at this great pace and seems to end before the listener is ready"

A Die Emmer/Dinner Club 3 thumbs up

PS: Doesnt our new colours make you wanna redecorate your house, nice work Boon


Blogger Wezzo said...

The illegal download took forever on my 24k modem - but well worth it. Awesome album.

I like the new look, lads & lasses.

11:28 AM

Blogger the salami from killarney said...

Its been stuck in my frontloader for the past 3 days. Fucking great. Particularly that "L'il ghost, l'il ghost". I like that one.

5:08 PM

Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

Blue Orchid makes me wip out my air gitar and break some hearts

5:27 PM


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