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Tuesday, January 31

Foot in Mouth Disease

We have those moments when you've just had a nice couple of glasses of something and you are feeling happy with the world and you want to talk to anyone who wants to listen. This is normally the perfect opportunity to really throw name.
Let me give you a classic example. Take this guy in the picture here.
Now somehow in the mingling crowd I find out that he is the actual owner of the horse that i am about to bet on. Whoo hoo, maybe he can tell me if I am in the money. So I strike up a little conversation about this and that, but out of the corner of my eye I notice he is on crutches. No biggie, people are on crutches all the time.

Just that second another lady walks by on crutches aswell. I think its a good time to chirp: "It seems that crutches are all the rage this season" His mood suddenly turns sour and he replies with some angry eyes: "I actually take offence to that".

Not really knowing whats going on I tell him:" Ag don't worry about it. I was actually on crutches for 12 months once (i really was), I know what it feels like". But the conversation was ruined. He just turned back to his friends and ignored me. Well, I did the same.

But standing with my mates I take one more glance over to him and then It hits me; HE ONLY HAS ONE LEG. bugger bugger bugger. I have so much foot in my mouth I can hardly breathe. Sorry buddy, didnt mean to, but it was one of those situations where by if you say anything you would just be digging a bigger hole for youself, so I said nothing.
No if you are reading this at all, Mr. One Leg, I would sincerly like to apologise for my chirp. Bad taste. I know. Its still haunting me.


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