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Monday, August 21

Die Apology

You might notice something amiss with your faithfull DMers (our links are screwed up, our commenting is up the pole, our borders need new orders) Well that is what happens when people who work with fruit all day start to feel a little too confident when they screw around in the code.

Well we are not going to fix it. Yet. Pls bare with us while our top enigineers work day and night on something rather pretty. No, this is not one of those empty promises, this is real. Here is a sample to wet your apetite.....

Special hey, pls give your opinion in the crappy comment section, we need feedback


Blogger saroo said...

its freekin awesome

11:35 AM

Blogger Jace said...

loving's real pretty

10:45 AM

Blogger sera said...

i really like it that your work frank??

maybe a bit of colour would be nice??

4:12 PM


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