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Wednesday, May 18

The dark side will be revealed

I am not one of those crazy Star Wars super freak fans, but come on people, this is cimematic history. The last one ever, ever ever. (even though there are schools of thought that believe that there are in fact 9 episodes and there is still another trilogy comming our way)

FRIDAY 20 May is the day.

Believe me, this is not the type of movie you wait to come on M-Net, go watch it on the big screen, cause you're worth it. Posted by Hello

"Yet, unlike its truly divisive predecessors, future generations will not pass over the superior Episode III lightly: Star Wars really does begin here." Colin Kennedy -Empire magazine


Blogger sera said...

can't we make it sunday??? also really keen but got stuff on friday it is a friday nite!! sunday's are such perfect days for a movie....specially the finalé to such a fabulous movement...

10:40 AM

Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

No dont worry, i will anounce a Star wars evening

11:36 AM

Blogger sera said...

looking forward to it!! hey are u dudes keen for a bit of opium fri's my friend tate's bday, having it outside like mine, should be rad and he said to tell anyone i want...he's such a cool peep...could be quite festive...

11:44 AM


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