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Monday, May 9

She is back in business

Hey Everyone,

Ben this is wonderful! I am super impressed with your computer skills. Who would have thought a little boy from Citrusdal?

Sorry I have been out of action for way too long. Have just been dealing with a the crazy Dutch and American bureaucracies. Give me SA Dept of Home affairs any day. I am going to NY for 3 months to do an internship and using this system is going to be great.

I am still not sure what the hell I was thinking when I signed-up for this Masters. Luckily I have statred negotiation training now and can practice all my evil manipulating tactics on Stella. She is such an easy target.

Holland is still cold - no surprise there. I still miss SA so much it actually hurts. All you lucky, lucky people. No other news except that I am seeing my lovely boy Adam in a month. Yes he is an American, but he hates Bush to my father's greatest dissapointment.

Hopefully we can see all you guys in December!


PS Ro when are you coming to lovely Holland?


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