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Friday, June 3

Knowledge on DMers, will it work?

There is actually a language called Azerbaijani. Mabey Tom ato (our historical editor) can fill us in on where they speak it. But the Azerbaijanies are known to be a very proud and wise race. Check this beautifull proverb:

Halva-halva demæklô ağız şirin olmaz
Literal translation: Mouth will not be sweet if you say halva

This is a halva:

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So dont say it people, dont say the H word.
there's more:

Yetênæ yetir, yetmkyôn bir daş atır
Literal translation: Overtakes whom gets, and stones whom doesn't
Meaning: Referring to someone who harasses everyone

Tazıya tut deyir, dovşana qaç
Literal translation: To tell the dog to catch, and the rabbit to run.
Meaning: To play your enemies off against each other.

(noun, intransitive verb)
(transitive verb, adjective)[BOON·do'·gahl, BOON·dog'·ahl]
1. work of little or no value done merely to look busy: "The Braai assitant thought he could get away with doing some boondoggle."

Hopefully you can boondoggle your way till the end of the day.


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