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Monday, May 30

Esmarelda does the bottom one of the Americas, Part 4

"The Chilean orange is overrated, as far as I am concerned.....
We specially bought one last nite for testing purposes, and were
disappointed to find that it was somewhat sour, had pips and had a
funny hard core thingie (not sure of the correct lingo). Basically
ours totally kick arse, jammin!"

The "funny hard core thingy" is a Navel, much like your belly button.
See people, you dont have to go to South America to learn that the Western Cape Oranges are the best damn oranges in the world.

"I was quite proud of myself when I ordered some Borsch (beetroot soup)... it arrived FULL of beef, and needless to say was sent back. (I had mentioned to our flustered
waiter prior to ordering that I ate NO meat.) He answered that the
onion soup was meat-free, and we waited for that. When it arrived he
very proudly announced: ¨ no meat, just chicken!¨ well, sad to say had
to send that back too! I eventually got a meat-free meal AND my scone,
so it all ended well, i suppose."

I love happy endings, stay tuned as the saga continues.


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