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Tuesday, June 14

The long lost...Jeep

Hey Kids... I know the shock of actually hearing from the long lost love ninja will probably be too much for most of you but the fact that you are all sitting at your desks in various states of semi-consciousness will help.
So whats the story with this JP character writing on the tag board (notice my superb use of blog terminology on my first day...impressive no?) I don't remember giving up the rights on my name and he isn't doing wonders for my reputation. Ben you working on this I hope!!
So a little news for those that are interested. I am now in the UK with a working visa (had a slight delay in having to return to Jozi for a quick ten day stint to obtain it) and all and have been up in the Birmingham area for nearly two weeks now. Doing some part-time bar work at a funky cocktail bar while my recruiters look for something for me to do that may require slightly more brain power than...'nother pint there geezer!
Looking for work in the London area but have only been offered positions such as waste water engineer (for those that are not wanting to make the link it is in fact got to do with pumping excrement) clearly not up my road so to speak and was located well north of any real place anyone has heard off, so the search continues!!
No digital pics to show although I am planning on having some negatives scanned and will then make a little collection of travels and experiences for you guys to peruse. Hope you all well in Die Emmer land and enjoying the pleasures of the cape town winter...not that dis-similar to the Uk summers in case you feeling sorry for yourselfs.
Promise to keep in contact fom now.JP


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