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Wednesday, June 8

The Spietkop

A Brakpan spietkop (traffic cop) pulls off a blonde in a new blue Toyota Tazz with Badgirl stickers on the front, back and sides. "Marrem, can I see your driver's larsence please" says the spietkop. "What is a driver's larsence?" queries the blonde. "Its dat little square fing" Explained the spietkop, "Wif apicture of you on it!!" The blonde scratches through her handbag and comes across a square make-up compact.She opens it, looks in the mirror, closes it and hands it over to the spietkop. He opens it, looks in the mirror, hands it back to her and says: "It's OK Marrem, you can go...I didn't realise you is also a spietkop!"


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