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Friday, July 8

The Office

I am writing this from work (over several days) despite the fact that I have not been given access to e-mail or the world wide web…hah I laugh at the minions attempt to stop me from wasting company time and spit in their general direction.

So I’m one week into my role as a contracting design engineer with a multi-national engineering firm and have to admit surprisingly little has happened!! I get given work and then pretty much get left alone. I think that somehow a rumour got circulated that I actually know what I’m doing…well no point dispelling that now. Was shown around the office, which consists of a corridor about fifty meters long by 10 wide with desks, people and computers shoved down either side. There are about 45 people in the office of which I know maybe four to say hello to and that’s it!! A truly bizarre situation.

So am I on the road to becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of long wall armoured face conveyors? Probably not but I do have some pretty nifty perks as a contractor. I am allowed to work as many hours a week as I like all at a set hourly rate so I get to pretty much write my own pay check depending on how energetic I’m feeling. I only have to work a minimum of 37 Hrs a week (I remember spending more time in school!) and may do so in however many days I like. So 9hrs 15min a day Mon-Thurs and Friday is all mine!! Pity there’s no beach to go to though…or the weather to encourage that sort of behaviour.

I have moved into a house share with seven other people, six of them girls! We have two nurses, two teachers, a firemaness (well she does admin at the firestation) and one that’s yet to move in but already we are seeing the uniform potential here, no? Suppose I’m going to have to get me a hard hat and some overalls now! The other guy is cool and used to be a race driver and now has a couple of start-up ventures going related to racing cars and is going out the firemanness. The house is old school England and really (by UK standards) big. It is also only five, maybe ten with a hangover, minutes walk from the ‘city’ centre and about twenty pubs…hmmm think I may just fit in here.

Have just been invited to the pub for lunch by an unknown from the far side of the corridor…not alone obviously so maybe get to meet some relatively interesting people over a curry and a pint which they don’t mind you doing as long as you don’t return sloshed! Know your limit I was told and I could do it every day! Yet I don’t get fucking internet access?…? Go figure.

Exciting times in England!! Wednesday they win the Olympic games for 2012 and the very next day the bombs on the London underground!!! Just to let you all know I am safe and sound in the world of the Worcester sauce…nothing that exciting happens out this here.
Well time for the weekend!! Hope you all have a great one planned.


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