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Friday, October 21

Judo Chop Friday

I feel greatness comming our way this Friday, Can you smell it people, no need to get up from your desk, just take a whiff. There it is. Its called premonition baby, this Friday is gonna rock. I dare you to go out tonight to prove me wrong. I can see you standing there, sipping your martini, trying to beat the scattered ho's off with a stick and then thinking to yourself: "You know that Jammin fella was right, i am actually having fun, this party rocks, this whole evening rocks, he has got the gift, i must make a mental note to listen to him next time and wear my lucky underpants."

Now in the spirit of being right, i bring 2 new cocktails that have been invented by some of Die Emmers while trying to explain why they have lost their shoe and smell of lavender.
  • Die Blou Bull ( you gotta drink this for the ruggers this weekend anyway) Method-Take one Red Bull and two shots of Brandewyn and if you are really flamboyant you can add some Bols Blue. Result- Steek soos 'n perdeby, naai soos 'n kwagga
  • The Jammini (look good without the vermouth) Method- Take 3 shots good vodka, pour it into your matini shaker and add some ice and one shot lime. Now shake it like it was appart of you. Strain it into a martini glass and put in two Vodka soaked olives. Result- Stamp daai boude lam
Now if you need to waste some time, i recommed that you train your reflexes
"Man who can catch flies with chopsticks can accomplish anything!" - Mr. Miyagi
No go practice


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