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Friday, November 25

Its all in the name

Somethings just keep on amazing me to no end. When i am studying our stats to find out exactly who comes to this site and for what reason (yes, its true I know exactly when you log on and how long you stay, moo ha ha ha) I find that have the people come here not for from the hilarios jokes, the indepth comments on life, too see if they can cement a date with Mr. J, no, they come here because of one picture and what it is called.

Well here is the picture:

And it happened to be called Darth fetish, (Its somewhere in our archives and i cannot be bothered to find it). So there are sickos out there that do a google search to find this kinda thing and end up here. I promise you, about 10 hits a day minimum. this shit really turn people on, allot of them.So I think it would be a good idea to start calling our our pictures nasty names.If you post something with Bambi on it, rename the picture Hot sexy teen deer or even bosbokkie into bondage or orphaned hairy girl loves to roll in the short grass. Not that we want that kinda traffic, but who is to know.


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