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Wednesday, November 23

When good drugs go bad

Terror struck in our happy little home over the weekend. Or just outside our front door, but if you read on to realise the maddness that occured you would agree that this too is to close for comfort.

So me and mr. J got new neigbours about a month ago. They didnt look strange, they just had a vibe about them that said if you had to strike up a conversation with them it would be pretty boring. And the one guy wore 80's shorts, so I knew something was amiss.

So our other neigbour comes home on Saterday night only to find (lets call him) Johnny lieing in the passage. Upon asking him is something is wrong Johnny starts beating the crap out of him and then starts going for his girlfriend. The neigbour tries his best to keep this madman of his girlfriend, but the Johnny just smashed his wall sized window. Upon hearing this racket another neigbour hears what is happening and comes to the rescue. He enters the scuffle and ends up getting his hand smacked in the door. And by smacked I mean the door cut off 3 of his fingers.

Seeing blood set our little pscho well on his rampage. He continued to smash the Security guard's computers and display screen all to the ground, from where he ran to the parking lot and there he decided to jump from car to car. During his jumps he felt it was neccesary to rip off a couple of rear view mirrors. He then takes his trail of destruction to the roof (20th story). By now someone has called the cops, causes he has beaten off all off our crack security personel. When they reach the roof they find Johnny sitting on the ledge ready to commit suicide.

Well after the cops bring in the negotiator they get him of the ledge and shock the crap out of him. Bzzzzzzzzz (fry little piggy fry) and drag his still-twiching ass to the cop shop.

What the hell happened? Did he loose his nut? Did someone break his heart?
Well its all speculation at this stage, but we got it from a good source that Johnny's flatmate (who has gone AWOL by the by) used work at a pharmacy. nuff said. All our other neigbour had to say was "I think its narcotics". Well there you have it boys and girls, be carefull what you put in your mouth this holiday (or your nose or your arm).

The building had a meeting last night and they found they had no grounds to evict him, but they are slapping him with a invoice for his destruction.Grand total- R30 000. nice one


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