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Thursday, November 17

Survivor DMers - Out Play Out Post

Why does P diddy have a posse? Is it to look good? Are they carrying his drugs for him? Should mr. Diddy get into a fight are they gonna back him up.? OR are they just hanging with ol' dids so they can tell people at dinner parties that: " Yeah, I hang wit' da brotha, he's cool" and " It aint easy being part o' P Diddy Posse"

So as you might have guessed ( by that really unfortunate intro) its that time of the year again. Time to clean house,time to live by our slogan:" Do it, do it, put your back into it" Time for all your free riding contributors to prove to our ever growing audience out there that you are indeed a team player and not just sitting pretty on our Contributors list. Yes people being a DMer means that you have to post something every now and then. Not just when you get awarded your membership. (and if I remember correctly a couple of you begged us for months to be put on the list). Put your back into it

So I am forced to whip out the black list. AAHHHHH not the black list, yes, but remember, this is hurting me more than it is hurting you. The blacklist consists of DMers that have not posted in the last month. The black list will remain for 14 days ( till the 1st of December) and anyone still on the list by 12 o clock will be expelled. Harsh, I know, but its for your own good.

How do you get of the blacklist. Simple there are two ways. The easy way, you can just do a post, then we will take you off. OR (the is the new and Improved section) you can get voted off. Thats Right!! Survivor style. The 2 blacklistees with the most votes by Dec 1st get to stay as well.
whoo hoo


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