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Monday, November 14

Six of the best

Found this on Iafrica Travel
Its the six of the best (or worst) list. You can go ahead and make your own about anything you like. I like this one,
cause its true

Draft beer in low-budget bars

Windhoek Draft / Fireman's Pub - CT
Always extremely cold, served quickly and followed by a hot Fireman's special - this is the stuff dreams are made of!

Castle Draft / Vasco de Gama
Known affectionately as the "Portuguese embassy", this place in Greenpoint is populated mostly by real dinkum portuguese guys. Women were only allowed in there a couple years ago. The perfect draft chaser is the baby Kingklip.

Amstel Draft / The Outlook Restaurant, Plettenberg Bay
Always popular and overlooking a pristine beach location. The beer is served achingly cold and happily by young, flouncy girls always eager to help. Perfect with the "Beer glass" of prawns.

Stella Artois Draft / Giles, Gauteng
This stuff is served pretty much anywhere. It is rated AA+ but Giles is the best place for it. Food is generally average but if you are hungry, go for the fillet.

Castle Draft / Diaz Tavern, Cape Town
Yup, well I'm a sucker for Castle Draft but Diaz is up there - similar vibe to the "Embassy" but slightly more upmarket. Go for the Diaz Special - fish plate with calamari. Wash down with Castle, and port and coffee to finish

Bosuns Draft / Mitchells Brewery, Waterfront
Can't really drink too many of these but it is the best place to drink it. Used to be the Cathcart arms in Grahamstown but that has now closed. Go upstairs for a sporting event at the Scotch Ale House (next to Ferrymans)


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