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Thursday, November 10

Cool casting for spidey 3

As we know you come come to DMers for the lastest of the latest in important stuff and badd spelling, that is why it is my pleasure to bring you a first glimpse at the villians of Spiderman 3.

First up is Thomas Haden Church, You know the guy from Sideways and he was also the dumass mechanic on Wings. Well he is playing the villian Sandman. Long story short- angry person, radioactive material, revenge. but his body can take any shape by turning into sand. cool.

Then we have Topher Grace That geek from 70's show, you know- Eric Forskin. He will be Venom. Long story short- Failed journalist, Alien symbiotic takes over his body, revenge.

All in all, i am pretty damn impressed, these guys are pretty cool, especially Thomas. Only comming out in 2007, ut I am sure it will be worth the wait.


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