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Thursday, February 2

43 Things

Amazingly fresh idea called 43 things. Actually just go check it out.

Make new friends, but keep the old
go to burning man dream find my soulmate sleep better property do a phd Visit Germany laugh more Skate on the Rideau Canalwrite and publish a novel re-learn french make poverty history learn to cook. Really cook. Learn to play the guitar get enough sleep learn to crochet switch to Firefox make a short film go home be a good cook stop eating fast food volunteer overseas be inspired learn python be less materialistic do 20 pushups Learn Psychology learn to dance and not be embarrased to dance Get an online storefront to sell my crafts! publish a book be more charitable Have cooking parties swim in all the oceans exercise 2 times a week lose 100 pounds Practice yoga regularly be an extra in a film go to a good university take voice lessons Have my own Domain Name visit all 50 states ride my bike build a house have my own business finish reading why's (poignant) guide to ruby Marry my highschool sweetheart Visit Rome paint and draw more kiss someone go fishing think before i speak be loved become a psychologist watch every freakin' south park episode Laugh. A lot. Genuinely. become more decisive watch Full House episodes at any time Practice Yoga backpack through Europe Finish what I start give christianity a second chance go to a nude beach Have a baby publish something in a respectable journal, magazine, or edited website get out of debt organize my finances Learn another language organize my life Be in a Movie Learn to say I Love You in 10 languages Give blood go to Heaven be healthier change my hair


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