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Friday, February 3

Don't sell out

Do you know what, I'm going to be the first Blog that is not going to post something about the much anticipated

Its a beauty competition, and we will have no part of it.
What ever you do, not NOT nominate us for
South African blog of 2005 - Lets be realistic
Best new blog - We are new, but are we the best, dont think so
Most Humourous South African blog - I didn'tlaugh once, actually once once, but that was when Mr. J rolled down La Med's front bank
Best SA group blog - Here you can nominate us for having the most redundant contributors
Best SA lifestyle blog - Lifestyle- yes, alcoholics- yes, bad habits- yes, healthy- no, so you can nominate us for lifestyle, but its not the best lifestyle

We have to fight with the might of a slight kite, revolute my brothers, do not send your nominations to


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