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Wednesday, May 31

Die Saroo Rocks

Here at Die Emmers we are not just a bunch of pretty faces (I am using a very broad sense of the word "pretty") , we have some great talents too. Some more hidden than others; like The Pope's ability to reach almost any top shelf or JP's ability to turn into "intellectual man" by just putting on his glasses. Mr. J ability destroy 14 Dubbel Brandewyn and cokes in a hour or Boon ability to destroy Mr. J's motorbike.

jip, they are all gems..

BUT (with a capital B and a capital UT) we have some truly real kickass members too. Take Saroo,( whilst writing posts for DMers is not her strong point) she can sing the crap out of a canary. Saroo has a beautifull voice and writes some damn cool songs. She just released her first 5 songs. All number 1 material. But don't take my opinion, go listen to then yourself. All originals. She has been moving up the gig circuit in Cape Town, everytime bigger and better. Next stop Zula Sound Bar.
Let it be known when Just Sara (her stage name) hits it big that she was a DMer first and a rock star second.


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