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Thursday, June 1

Die future is now

Today is the greatest day in the history of my existence. Up till now i have just been plottering along though life not knowing what its all about. Well, that was until Julius Wood (how did he know my name) decided to include me in the most amazing offer i have seen to date. The... Just look at that girl, not only is she hot, but she is looking up, that man's penis must be HUGE. Now just imagine, it can go right in between your Fat loss patch and your Nicorette patch. Now you can be thin, without a ciggie and hung like a Carribian fighting Donkey. Whats more amazing is that it will:
  • Elevate sex drive to new levels
  • Maintain erections for longer periods
  • Raise my ejaculation volume
Why have we never heard about this patch before? Will this product sink Viagra? Can you put it on your cucumber if you need to make a large salad? So many qeustions...
This offer must be the reason I have a e-mail adress


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