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Wednesday, July 5

Die Competition

Everyone knows SATopsite . (they log the most popular South African websites). Well, there we where just chilling very happily under the category of Health and Beauty (because we are all beautifull and strive to be healthy (actually that samoesa for breakfast did not help)). We where ruling the H&B, cleaning up all competition. Anyhoozy jacuzzi, we've been bumped. We are now with all the other riff raff in the general boring "blogs" section. Is DMers a blog? I always thought more of it as a lifestyle. You know - "unDMerfriggingcredible" or "DMaculate".

Oh well, seems we are only 8th this time round. Kinda sucks. But 8 out of 88 is not that kak. top 9%. cream of the crop. Thanks for the support. And that is all i really wanted to say...


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